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About Us

The Cambridge Language Company was created by two Cambridge locals who want learning to be as fun and flexible as possible, giving students the best chance of improving their language skills whilst fitting around their lifestyle. 

We are both professionally qualified to teach English as a Foreign Language (Trinity Cert TESOL) and also Modern Languages (BA French & Spanish). Since gaining our diploma we have enjoyed teaching students of varying ages, levels and nationalities in Cambridge and all around Europe. Let us be the first to welcome you to The Cambridge Language Company!  

Meet The Team 




Alex Grassi: Teaching for me has to be friendly, focused and rewarding. I want my students to learn in a stimulating environment but naturally to better absorb new information. I began teaching English a number of years ago in local schools in Exmouth, I then decided to train for a professional teacher's qualification diploma abroad so that I could continue to teach English a wider range of students whilst travelling. Once I gained my Trinity Cert TESOL qualification in Barcelona I taught intensive classes of all ages and levels at a reputable private language school, finding that I value the personal connection to my students. I gained experience preparing students, varying in age and level, for a range of English exams internationally accredited by the University of Cambridge, from FCE to CPE, alongside a number of private English classes. Since settling in Cambridge I hope to bring with me a friendly approach to my lessons. If the students are happy, they'll definitely learn quicker. 

Risha Kumar: I believe students learn best with encouragement, hard work and having a clear goal in mind - whether that's learning a language for school, a new job or just travelling! I started teaching several years ago as part of my year abroad at university, when I moved to Andorra to take English classes from elementary levels to advanced. Following my Bachelors in Modern Languages (French & Spanish) from Oxford University, I enrolled in the Trinity Cert TESOL course to become a qualified English teacher abroad so I could teach students of different nationalities. In Barcelona I taught at a private school with students of all different ages and levels from primary school to sixth form and above. I prepared students for internationally accredited exams from FCE to Proficiency. I also taught one-to-one English classes to professionals at large corporations. After teaching in Barcelona I moved back to Cambridge to launch The Cambridge Language Company with Alex - offering enjoyable and challenging classes in a focused and trusting environment. Every student is different and so are our classes.


We would love to hear from you! Whether you would like any more information or would just like to say hi, feel free to reach us by email at:


The Cambridge Language Company was co-founded in 2015 by Alex Grassi and Risha Kumar. Based in Cambridge, UK we both gained our diplomas in Trinity Cert TESOL from Oxford Tefl in Barcelona in 2013 and are fully qualified to teach English as a Foreign Language, Business English and Modern Languages. Since then we have gained invaluable and extensive experience teaching at reputable private language schools both abroad and the UK, alongside private tuition. We are also DRB checked.